At CDL, the concept “One stop for all your needs” is not a wish, it is a reality. Whether it is for your needs of comprehensive services or for on-demand needs, our company can meet your expectations.

Buy & Sell

Buy & Sell is the sector of our commercial activities enjoying the fastest growth. We currently represent more than 25 manufacturers totalling more than $30 million in business turnover with a large percentage on organic and natural products. We cover national and local (Quebec) mandates. We complement our storage and distribution services with comprehensive marketing services.

Representation and Brokerage

The main mission and responsibility regarding our commitment to our principals are on site. Our representation service is known for its quality delivery and results. Assisted with modern and efficient technology tools, our teams of experienced sales representatives will achieve your retail objectives.

Principal Business Development Management

At CDL, principal management (manufacturer of consumer packaged goods) is rigorous and customized.
It starts with an in-depth analysis of the existing business, its potential on the market based on the category performance and the competitive set.
Subsequently, we jointly finalize a strategic business development plan per customer that our major account team will present and secure on behalf of our principals.

Head Offices Representation

Our key account management group and CDL partners have extensive business experience and solid interpersonal relations with our major account executive team and their category managers with the right preparation for every call. We are result oriented and act proactively to achieve our principal business development objectives. We favor a principal-broker team approach on every strategic presentation to the trade.

Dedicated Sales Force by Channel

Our uniqueness is based on our retail sales team per channel of distribution. Therefore, each representative is selected based on their expertise in a particular channel. Subsequently, each team is supported with dedicated and ongoing supervision and coordination. Today, our specialized retail teams are : Grocery, Pharmacy, Convenience & Gas, Food Service, Natural.

Warehousing and distribution

CDL offers professional and selective purchasing services with warehousing and distribution to retail warehouses and/or directly to selected points of sale from a 30,000 square foot warehouse strategically located in Varennes near highway axes.

  • 7 loading doors
  • Fully computerized
  • Microsoft Dynamics Management Solution
  • 10 scanners
  • Preparation of 1800 orders or 85,000 cases per month
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